Monique Bland Is A Liar

     She repeatedly lied to my face and said that weed is not illegal, it is in Virginia! When she told me this lie, I told her if it is legal, to go smoke it in front of the police precinct. All she could do was stare blankly at me because she knew that she was lying and I called her bluff. Apparently I am her enemy simply because I called her out on her lies and I refuse to accept them. Some people in the neighborhood blindly accept her lies as truth simply because she fakes a completely different personality around them, claiming to be as religious as they are or even more so and trying her best to act prim and proper, an act which I saw through from the start. Simply because she claims to be religious, a few neighbors take Monique's lies as truth. If they want to live with blinders on, that is their right. I hear she's gained more than quite a few pounds. That's what happens when you hit middle age and smoke marijuana.

     There are many other details & bad experiences I've had with Monique Bland of Virginia Beach, Virginia as my neighbor besides what's published here but your time is valuable and so is mine. My mission accomplished, I hope you have found enough info to keep this chick away from your children and from you. If you are a law abiding citizen or simply care about your health, think twice about having this chick in your life in any way. Stay safe, keep her away from you and your children, and Just Say No to drugs and Monique Danielle Bland.

A Little More Respect For The Law Would Have Gone A Long Way  
     Now Monique Bland wants to hide the truth about herself but cared nothing about it when she repeatedly smoked an illegal drug in public and refused to stop doing it in her home when I told her it was heavily coming into mine! So, I choose to give her the respect that she is owed considering the respect she has given me and her other neighbors...NONE! I hold her accountable for her actions here since many others have chosen not to hold her accountable for her "habit" except the Christian school that rightfully fired her for her continued drug use in January or February of 2017. I know she was not held accountable because I repeatedly witnessed her smoking weed (illegal in Virginia) and we called the police more than half a dozen times and nothing was done. We even witnessed officers taking drugs from her but they repeatedly refused to hold her responsible and arrest her. Even the last officer to come out said that her home smelled like weed but he also did not arrest her. Her slumlord and the condo association looked the other way and refused to do anything about her as well. A couple other neighbors took issue with her due to their own problems with Monique.

     It does not matter what excuses or lies Monique conjures up, she would have never been fired from the Christian school had she not been smoking drugs that are illegal in Virginia. She cannot blame anyone but herself. It appears she sought a private Christian school that would not background check her or drug test her and that's likely how she became a teacher. When the Christian school was notified, they were mortified but they acted swiftly and properly unlike many so many others called upon to do their jobs in this situation. Monique claims to be religious, she is religious alright, religious about smoking weed in plain sight of multiple law abiding citizens and letting it fill their home despite them telling her personally that they called the cops! What I would like to ask her is how religious can she be if she worked in any capacity at Purple Reign, a strip club and how religious can she be if she has this weed habit. These are legitimate questions for someone who is/was supposedly so religious. But, she didn't want to speak to me after the 6 or 7 times the cops were called because of her deeds so I guess I'll never find out. Oh well.

     Monique was told numerous times by myself and others including several police officers to take her weed use off the property or stop. In total, she was allowed three full months to do that but she chose not to and continued smoking marijuana in plain sight without a care in the world and smoking it in her home knowing it was floating right up into mine. Well, she refused to address it when I repeatedly told her she is causing me problems within my home, she refused to address it when police officers repeatedly were called due to her drug use, and she refused to address it even when threatened with eviction. So, fine! I've addressed it HERE!

She claims to be in PR but she's really in BS!

Monique is very concerned about me "judging" her. With all the material she provided from the start, what else is one to do and why does she care so much?

Is Monique Bland your child's school teacher? I hope not!

Monique Bland Is A Horrible Neighbor, I Know First Hand

     My first impression of Monique Bland was not a good one and I knew we would have trouble from the start. The first time I saw her, she was dressed in pajamas and had a cheap wig on that looked as if it had never been combed. From the start she oozed everything I detest on the very first meeting & she continued to prove my initial gut instinct right on repeated occasions as things devolved due to her constand use of the illegal drug marijuana (illegal in Virginia) in public and her lack of consideration when repeatedly told by neighbors and police that it is a problem for neighbors inside their home.

      Never have I had such a horrible neighbor as Monique Bland in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I witnessed her smoking weed which is illegal in Virginia numerous times and it filled my home numerous times as well. I truthfully told her and police did as well that I have breathing problems (and proof of it) but she still fouled all the air in my home even after being told that I have breathing problems and her marijuana smoke was fully engulfing our unit upstairs from her. My boyfriend doesn't like that crap either, we are both staunchly against illegal drugs and drug abuse. Yet, I (and others) personally witnessed her marijuana use repeatedly. She does it outside and in broad daylight and in the dark of night for all to see and smell. She smokes it in her home and it rises upstairs inside and out. She doesn't give a care about anyone or anything but smoking weed and continues her ill behavior.   

I choose to give her the respect that she is owed considering the respect she has given me and her other neighbors..NONE!